Association for Manufacturing Excellence Conference – Cincinnati, October 19-23

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The AME 2015 International Conference held October 19-23 in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the largest lean conference in the world. Fifty-four presentations, 40+ tours, 18 special-interest sessions and 40+ workshops provide you with a transformational learning experience like no other. Learning from the insights of world-class, highly successful practitioners who have been there and done that, you are provided with a trusted source of knowledge that you can rely on to confidently make the changes needed to accelerate growth. The leaner processes are and the more engaged people are, the more productive you become and the greater your bottom-line success will be.

Five reasons to attend
1. Practitioner-to-practitioner learning.
What a difference a day makes when you’re hearing other practitioners who have endured the same challenges of putting change into action as you have.
2. A trusted source for lean knowledge.
AME is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization. Our sole purpose is to provide a solid, jam-packed, practical and reliable source of lean learning.
3. Networking around best practice.
Building a social network of like-minded people is a key part of the lean journey. Enjoy the long-term rewards gained by expanding your lean learning family.
4. Accelerated lean-learning experience.
AME conferences provide a compressed experience, jam-packed with so much people centric, lean learning that you will be hard-pressed to absorb it all.
5. Borrow with pride.
You learn how innovative yet practical thinking can transform complex challenges. Great lessons learned you can immediately apply to your situation.

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