Cirtronics Announces Lean Manufacturing Renaissance Press Release

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Cirtronics, your promise of reliable, worry-free manufacturing, located in New England, is actively and purposefully engaged in a Lean Manufacturing Renaissance, including foundational training for new hires and renewal belt training for senior level staff.

Lean Manufacturing has long been a core practice at Cirtronics. Using lean principles to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, improve quality, and streamline procurement and shipping supports Cirtronics’ Precision EngagementTM, an integrated system of purposeful, proactive, tailored communication and support, facilitating seamless project evolution from design to production and aftermarket support.

The Cirtronics team continues to grow, adding more than 20 new employees in the past six months. In keeping with the tenet of Lean Manufacturing as the core of all manufacturing processes, a Lean Manufacturing Training Renaissance is underway.

“Cirtronics has embraced Lean Manufacturing from our early days.” says David Patterson, Chief Operating Officer of Cirtronics. “The benefits to both throughput and quality have been obvious.” Patterson continues, “Our goal has always been to best serve our customers, and having a well- educated workforce is in direct support of that goal. Providing ongoing lean manufacturing training to current staff, and investing in foundational training for new hires allows us to collaborate more efficiently and effectively, bringing our best to everything we do.”

Adding value well beyond product manufacturing, Cirtronics uses Lean methods throughout their production and service offerings. Lean principles are at work in design reviews and recommendations for Design for Manufacturing and Design for Test and Cirtronics’ optimized and agile supply chains mitigate risk while managing overhead and aftermarket support options such as direct-to-customer product delivery and depot repair and rework all rely on Lean methods as well.

Minimizing overhead and maximizing throughput, decreasing risk and increasing quality—all result from fully integrated and implemented Lean manufacturing concepts and best practices.

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