DED and Kaizen Institute sign MoU

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The Kaizen Institute are the global pioneers and leaders in the Kaizen domain, an approach centred on continual improvements to make organisations, lean, efficient, flexible and profitable.
Under the MoU, BED and Kaizen Institute will contribute their respective strengths in order to help organisations achieve continual zero investment improvements through innovative performance improvement ideas. The partnership will also help businesses in navigating the challenges posed by volatile, uncertain and complex business environments.
BED will seek to introduce the Kaizen principles and processes by drawing on its dynamic interface with organisations built by promoting excellence and a quality culture across Dubai over the past two decades, chiefly through its annual Dubai Quality Award (DQA) as well as the Dubai Human Development Award (DHDA) and the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme (DSES).
The Kaizen Institute has five service offerings: Consulting on site – Helping organisations apply Kaizen; Certification – developing Kaizen practitioners, coach and manages; Training -short term training (30+ topic); Tours – best practice tours to see top Kaizen organisations worldwide; KMAX – Assessment and awards.
“Kaizen represents continuous improvement, the goal that DED always strives to help organisations achieve through various initiatives and process improvement tools. The partnership with the Kaizen Institute will lend further momentum to the quality march in Dubai and convince organisations that excellence is the most effective yet zero-cost tool to successfully target all-round efficiencies,” commented Mohammed Bushanain, Executive Director of BED.
Jayanth Murthy, Director, Kaizen Institute, added, “I am sure that this partnership will go a long way in enhancing Dubai’s strong quality and efficiency orientation. The time is right to embrace the Kaizan spirit, which puts ideas before investment, and where deletion of waste comes before addition of fresh resources. If the world does not cut on waste, waste will bite hard, and this applies to both private and public enterprises.”
Vinod Grover, Director, Kaizen Institute, said it is time enlightened organisations responded by improving their competitiveness through robust internal processes as slowdown in growth forecasts is bringing fresh challenges.
“Enhancing and properly channelling employee skills to entrench effective and efficient business processes that deliver world class quality and cost & delivery performance must be recognised as the long term road to competitiveness. Kaizen Institute is proud to associate with DED to bring world’s best practices in this domain for the service of organisations in Dubai,” added Grover.

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