IASSC Accredited Lean Six Sigma Black belt Self-Paced Course with Examination

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This Black Belt training is designed to be 100% online and self paced. It is structured in 5 sections that follow the DMAIC methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control ). Each section contains several content units that are professionally narrated and interactive eLearning modules. Each module is followed by a 10 question interactive quiz.

At the end of each DMAIC phase is a chapter test and at the conclusion of the entire course is a certification exam. You must view all eLearning modules,pass all quizzes, tests and the certification exam to achieve your Lean SixSigma certification. The certification exam can be taken twice and must be passed with a score of 80% or better.

To efficiently navigate through the course you will need to become familiar with a few key navigational components.

5 key areas are listed below:

1. Lesson Controls: You must advance each slide manually for all lesson modules by clicking the play button or forward/back buttons.

2. Action Icons: Report errors, set bookmarks, advance to the next lesson etc.

3. Lesson View: Each time you click this button your view will change (default view, full screen view or index view)

4. Lesson Material: This is the entire course curriculum. You can expand or collapse the views for each phase to show or hide its lessons. Clicking any lesson will open it. You may follow the suggested sequence or jump around if you prefer. All lessons must be viewed, all quizzes must be passed and all tests must be passed to achieve certification. Lessons will take 5-15 seconds to load depending our your connection speed.

5. Progress Bar: The progress bar will show your percentage of units complete. Each lesson will “auto complete” by simply launching it. The quizzes and tests must be passed to receive completion credit. All passing grades are 80% or better. Below the progress bar there are two completion rules. Completion rule #1 is that you must see all units. Completion rule #2 is the you must pass all tests (including quizzes). When both completion rules are met you will have satisfied course completion requirements.

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