Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Practices

09/20/2015 6:530 commentsViews: 3

Triumph Structures – Los Angeles is well versed in both Lean Manufacturing principles and steeped with many examples of the benefits that a Robust Lean Culture enjoys. Working with Lean tools & Techniques for 10 plus years we have enabled many product Value streams to be improved through the identification & elimination of Waste.

Currently we support a full time Lean Team working vigorously with tools such as 5’s, SMED, TPM, Values Stream Mapping, Standard work, working towards creating a visual factory and a streamlined production flow. Triumph Structures – Los Angeles is committed to being a leader in its field and uses Lean Manufacturing principles to remain efficient, competitive and flexible in a very complex industry.

Triumph Structures – Los Angeles has demonstrated significant gains in Quality improvement using the Six Sigma Analytical Toolbox.

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