Lean manufacturing workshop at Werma

10/29/2016 5:460 commentsViews: 14

The Lean Workshop Group is offering free training to anyone wishing to start their ‘Lean Journey’ or perhaps looking to re-fresh their understanding of Lean techniques. Get up to speed with Lean Manufacturing techniques by coming to one of the Lean Workshop Group Training Days at Werma UK Ltd (NN8 6GR) on 7th and 8th December 2016.
Lean is essentially about maximising customer value while minimising waste. To accomplish this, Lean thinking changes the focus of a company from optimising the different assets, technologies and departments to optimising the flow of products and
services through the entire value streams that flow through to your customers.

At the Lean training events the Lean Workshop Group offers insight into the thinking, products and services needed to implement efficient Lean manufacturing and Lean Logistics systems, with a mixture of classroom training sessions, and also a hands-on manufacturing cell.
The cell embodies the latest developments in Lean manufacturing technology, and attendees will be able to manufacture real products on the line.

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