Lean Six Sigma to Reduce Aircraft Turnaround Time and Improve On-Time Performance

01/02/2017 9:002 commentsViews: 39

n the simplest terms, airlines need to maximize the value of their aircraft by increasing profits from time in the air while decreasing the costs and time on the ground.

Efficient aircraft ground operations are fundamental to meeting customer service expectations and maximizing aircraft utilization. Unfortunately, the turnaround of a modern aircraft in a congested airport is a complex, cross-functional operation.

Until existing processes and value streams are truly understood, systemic improvement is impossible.

ICF has successfully applied Lean Six Sigma methodology to streamline and standardize processes, resulting in shorter turnaround time and associated quantifiable benefits. Lean experts and professionals from each airline function work hand-in-hand with the airline’s personnel to drive each phase of the project—Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC)—to gain the highest degree of efficiency and repeatable success.

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