Patrick Lucansky

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Current position

Mr. Patrick Lucansky is an Executive Director of Value Innovation Partners, Ltd. an operations improvement consulting firm specializing in the delivery of value through implementation of Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma Rescues and Supply Chain Management tools and techniques.


Mr. Lucansky has held a variety of positions in the past including Production Manager and Director of Operations.


Pat’s strengths are in Lean Enterprise, Lean Sigma, Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, Out-Sourcing, Business Analysis, Process Mapping & Pharmacovigilance.


He holds a BBA from the University of Iowa, an MBA from Illinois Institute of Technology, a CMC from Institute of Management Consultants and Teaches at the BA/MBA level in the Chicago area. He is a Certified Lean Sensei and a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.


Mr. Lucansky has co-authored dozens of articles published in PharmaChem Magazine (An international Pharma Journal) on the subject of Lean operations and one article published in the AME’s Target magazine on supply chain redesign.


He has presented on many Lean topics to the IIE conferences since 2001, the AME national conference since 2002, the ASQ Quality Expo since 2002, Lincoln Foundation, NAM since 2003, NIQC, IMC and over 1200 other times to firms like Pfizer, Bayer, Johnson and Johnson, Avery Dennison, Graphic Packaging Underwriters Lab, Medtronic and ICI-Dulux.


He is a member of IIE, IMC, AMA and AME.

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