Respected Manufacturing Journalist TR Cutler to Host Ultriva Lean Six Sigma Webinar April 11

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Respected manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler will moderate a conversation about the role that technology is playing in the recent overlap and utilization of both advanced lean manufacturing techniques in conjunction with Six Sigma methodologies. Cutler, the host of a weekly episodic video discussion, Kanbanversation, said these best practice methods have often been introduced separately and even the advent of Lean Six Sigma is now aggressively supported by new technologically supported solutions.

Cutler will moderate this timely webinar, called, “The Intersection of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma,” will be held on Monday, April 11, 2016 at 11:00 am EST.

Suggested attendees include those companies with Continuous Process Improvement, Lean Initiative, and Six Sigma teams currently implemented. The ability to discern which projects optimize the impact of these programs is being avidly supported by technology which will be explored. Often there is a fatigue and overwhelm following a year or more of these initiatives; keeping the time, effort, and resources in these efforts must also eliminate waste, which is the purpose of this important conversation.

Participants include Randy Clark a Six Sigma Black Belt, American Society of Quality Examiner, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award with over two decades as a practitioner and leader in Continuous Improvement efforts, with companies like Pitney Bowes and Whirlpool. Additionally Frank Kapper will join the conversation with over 30 years of experience architecting, directing, and managing successful enterprise and division-level information technology and business systems transformation initiatives in mission critical environments. Kapper is a proven innovator in the application of advanced IT systems and process improvement methodologies to drive sustainable bottom-line improvement and growth.

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