Sidel uses Lean and Six Sigma to reduce lead times and improve quality

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Sidel uses Lean and Six Sigma methodology at all its production sites to reduce lead times and improve efficiency and quality, all of which benefits beverage producers worldwide.

In pursuit of operational excellence
While Lean is about minimising waste and working smarter in order to maximise customer value, Six Sigma focuses on creating consistent processes.

In other words, while the former promotes greater speed and efficiency, the latter focuses on improved quality.

Together, they allow a company to maximise productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

A mindset, not just a methodology
Through training courses such as the Lean and Six Sigma Academy, introduction courses and training, more than 100 Sidel employees have now been introduced to these new principles and methodology and many of them certified as Lean Specialists and Six Sigma Green and Black Belts.

Andrea Forzenigo, executive vice-president, industrial operations, Sidel, is pleased to see how the different teams across the global organisation have embraced the challenges to support the beverage producers’ different needs.

“Lean is much more than training programmes. They are a way of working and a mindset. People at Sidel have been encouraged to see ways that they can improve processes, eliminate inefficiencies and create value for our customers in the beverage industry,” he added.

“Most of the results we’ve achieved are because we’ve turned people’s good ideas into standardised processes globally,” he added.

Continuous improvement
This way of working is far from a one-off initiative and Forzeniho continues to look at how Sidel can improve its work processes for the benefit of beverage producers everywhere.

Lean principles have been implement at all Sidel international centres of excellence. The methodology has been used to ensure that all equipment and services meet the needs and demands of beverage manufacturers, both as complete lines and standalone solutions.

Forzenigo has been responsible for implementing this way of working at Sidel and is pleased with the results it has achieved.

“Over the past decade, we’ve systematically worked with all of our processes at all Sidel production sites, including our four international centres of excellence. From initial contact to beverage producers to delivery and service, we’ve looked at how we can improve the customer experience and provide higher quality, faster service and ultimately greater value,” he said.

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