Lean Manufacturing.

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Go Lean to Give Your Customers What They Want When They Want It.

Speaker: College of Engineering (University of Michigan).

Course description:

Lean manufacturing shortens the time between the customer order and the product build/shipment by eliminating sources of waste. It is a system that continually searches for and eliminates waste throughout the total enterprise and value chain.
Every enterprise activity is viewed as an operation and waste reduction concepts are applied to each activity to achieve significantly improved enterprise performance. Elimination of waste results in shorter lead times, reduced costs, lower inventory, higher throughput, and greater return on assets.

Based on the Toyota Production System, the University of Michigan’s lean manufacturing training focuses on system performance, identification and elimination of waste, elimination of sources of variability, and good understanding and use of the principles of operations management. This lean program is offered in two one-week long modules. The specific topics vary slightly. Check the lean manufacturing course agendas to determine which program best suits your needs.

Program Topics:

The two-week University of Michigan lean manufacturing training begins with a one-day Overview of Lean Manufacturing. The balance of the program is made up of modules taken from three core categories: Lean System Design, Supporting Lean Tools and Methods, and Leadership and Team Management Tools and Methods.

Each of these core categories have several modules as listed below. Not every module is offered in each program. To learn more, see lean manufacturing program agendas.

Lean System Design
Value Stream Mapping
Design of Pull
Factory Layout for Lean Manufacturing
The Physics of Lean
Build to Order
Supporting Lean Tools & Methods
Cell Analysis & Design
Implementing Kaizen Bursts
Material Handling for Lean
Designing Standardized Work & Job Instruction Training
Lean Rapid Plant Assessment
Leadership & Team Management Tools & Methods
Integrating Six Sigma in Lean Systems
Leading the Change to Lean
Accounting & Measurement for Lean Manufacturing
Developing & Leading Work Groups

Learning Objectives

When you have completed the University of Michigan Lean Manufacturing Certification Program, you will have learned to implement lean processes through the following steps:

Know how the philosophy and core methods of lean manufacturing apply to your business
Value stream map the current state of your material and information flow through the value chain
Identify waste and its root cause in the value stream
Develop a future state vision of your lean systems by using kaizens to eliminate the causes of waste and by identifying new ways to achieve continuous flow through manufacturing cells
Use the leadership skills needed to drive lean initiatives

Each lean manufacturing training program has slightly different content. To determine which series meets your needs, check lean manufacturing program topics.

Program Fee

$6,800* Covers the Ten-Day Program

Fee includes tuition, instructional materials, continental breakfast, lunch and a coffee break each day. Fee is payable in advance.* Upon registration, you will receive email confirmation including directions to the program site and recommended lodging.

* Fee subject to change. Pricing not valid for onsite or custom programs.
Please review our Professional Programs Payment and Cancellation Policy.

Who Should Attend

This program will benefit any manufacturing, production, purchasing and supply chain professional. Over 3,300 participants have received Lean Manufacturing Certification since the inception of this program. The program alumni represent a variety of industry sectors: Aerospace, Furniture, Plastics, Automotive, Tire, Government, Logistics, Steel, Shipbuilding, Telecommunications, Semiconductor, Computer, Defense, Tobacco, Tool and Die, Glass and more.

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Certificate Requirements

A non-credit Certificate of Professional Achievement in Lean Manufacturing will be awarded from the University of Michigan College of Engineering upon successful completion of the ten-day program in lean manufacturing training and passing three online exams.

More info:

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