Social Goods | H&M Allegations, Lean Manufacturing, Selfridges Wins Award

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“Retailers Like H&M and Walmart Fall Short of Pledges to Overseas Workers” (The New York Times)
“Human rights groups say that three years later, those promises are still unfulfilled, and that safety, labor and other issues persist in Bangladesh and other countries where global retailers benefit from an inexpensive work force.”

“Can Lean Manufacturing Put an End to Sweatshops?” (Harvard Business Review)
“Over the last thirty years, the lean approach — developed by Japanese automakers — has permeated the manufacturing sector in developed countries, but is much less commonly used in the developing world.”

“Selfridges’ CSR Efforts Recognized by Retail Peers for Inaugural Award” (Luxury Daily)
“British retailer Selfridges has been awarded with the Intercontinental Group of Department Stores’ inaugural sustainability award for its innovative approach to corporate social responsibility.”

“How the Fashion Industry Is Helping the World’s Rubbish Problem” (The Independent)
“Fashion and recycling have worked in tandem for decades through upcycling, vintage and charity shops, but now designers are becoming increasingly adventurous, creating stylish, beautiful designs from an array of waste products.”

“How Easy Is It to Make a Living as a Model?” (BBC News)
“‘You’ve got quite a lot of girls who can’t afford to live and are going to the agencies to ask for advances on money and are getting into debt.’”

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